Who We Are

Arting is an industrial engineering design office with a predominance of the energy sector. Founded in Paris in 1989 to meet the needs of education in the oil, gas and French nuclear industry, the company Arting their first success in the calculation and design of complex industrial units, on behalf of major donors orders such as Technip, Total, or COGEMA. Arting has the best expertise in the fields according to Oil & Gas, chemical, water treatment and nuclear.

Today our business segments are:

• Engineering, Design Office
• Expertise & Technical Assistance
• Laser Scanner 3D survey
• Communication Project, Visual Rendering

For any type of industry:

• Oil & Gas
• Chemistry
• Nuclear
• Water treatment.

Strong technical skills recognized

Arting offers everything one would expect from a full-fledged engineering. That projects are carried out internally or by customers. We bring our technical expertise and know-how. Our strengths are: innovation, industry knowledge, mastery of codes and standards.

Innovation in all its forms

Arting experiments, creates partnerships on open innovation models and adapts technologies from all walks of our business. Our goal: solve technical problems, improve processes and develop potential markets.

Mutual trust

Our approach is this close relationship and trust we have with our customers. We know your business, your markets, your constraints, your needs and issues. We speak your language. This is what allows us to develop services tailored to meet your specific needs.

Ethics and rigor guide the way we work and support our customers.

We meet the needs of our clients as if they were our own and we are conscious of how our work can affect the society in which we live.

Beyond cultural differences, we respect people and sharing the heart of human relationships. We do our listening skills and openness to the other a true innovation lever.

Technical Expertise

Technical excellence is a fundamental principle that we apply to all levels. Serving the satisfaction of our customers, our business recovery and development of our employees, the constant search for quality is the guarantee of our independence.

Successive generations but our experience and knowledge survive. We know the lessons of the past while keeping an eye to the future.

25 Year of existence
1523 Project made
755 Collaborator formed
18 Current Projects


We carry and pay in our research all or part of a project, unit, or in a package plant installation. Phase "Basic Engineering Design" to "Engineering Details". Then in relation to the manufacturers, we are able to carry out the plans for manufacturing equipment, heart of our business.
Our teams are made up of engineers, technicians and specialists from many multidisciplinary cross trades.

• Process (Process)
• Boiler
• General Installation, Piping
• Structure
• Civil engineering
• Mechanics
• rotating machine
• Electricity
• Instrumentation
• Computer Network
• Topography, 3D survey

Studies on new or existing projects:

The Basic engineering or "Basic Engineering Design"

• In accordance with the process, preparation of preliminary design studies settlements (diagrams)
• Develop plans for fluid flow
• Definition and sizing of equipment necessary for the proper operation of the plant, leading to the issuance of process specifications of equipment
• ...

Pre-detailed studies or "Front End Engineering Design '(FEED)

• Develop mechanical equipment specifications
• Achievement of thermal and mechanical calculations of devices under pressure
• Implementation of finite element calculations
• Implementation of plans circulation of fluids, processes and utilities
• Development of equipment layout drawings, piping, supports
• Develop plans for piping, electrical and civil engineering
• ...

Detailed engineering:

• Definitions of the detailed drawings of equipment
• Development plans for all disciplines (instrumentation, electricity, GC ...)
• Creating detailed plans for piping (calculations flexibility and isometric)
• Integration plans (equipment suppliers)
• ...

Our activities are mainly focused on:

• The Oil & Gas: Offshore, Onshore
• The Power
• The water treatment and waste
• The Food
• The Pharmaceuticals

And relate the following studies:

• The Engineering "Basic"
• Pre-detailed studies
• The Detailed Engineering
• Studies of existing facilities "Revamping"



Responsiveness and technical requirement

Arting assists large national and international companies. Our center of expertise ensures logistical and human support to support the growth of your business.

We work on all phases of EPCC projects.
Project management, engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning.
Recruited on the basis of strong technical skills meet your needs, our staff will adapt to all your projects requiring expertise or special techniques.

In addition to know-how in engineering design:

• Engineer / Calculator
• Study designer 1/2
• Designers P1 / P2 / Group Leader

Our pole of expertise is enriched by cross trades such as:

• Charge d'Affaires
• Site Manager
• Project Manager
• Group Leader
• Driver Works
• Studies Coordinator
• Engineering Studies Price
• Engineering & Fabrication Works
• Pilot Studies
• OPC Driver
• Planner
• Technical Secretary
• Supervisor Construction & Fabrication
• Technician Education Price
• IT Administrator
• Inspection
• ...

The industries developed around technical assistance are varied and beyond the technical teams, we integrate all support functions.

Our main lines are:

• The Oil & Gas
• The Nuclear
• Chemicals, Fine Chemicals
• The Pharmaceuticals
• The Water Treatment
• The Waste
• The recovery from waste and biomass
• The Hydro
• The BTP
• Information Systems
• ...



We scan, modeled, and study for you.

We offer a wide range of innovative solutions.
The problems inherent in the existing research facilities are fully integrated and solved phase raised to 3D modeling, for even faster and more precise studies "As-built".

The models are available in the following formats:

• Scatter (colorized, high density)
• 3D Model (volume, surface)
• Model 2D (planar views, elevations, sections, plot plans, etc.)

3D models are made by the same trades that those carrying out the engineering plans, even within our research department, for applications such as:

• The revamping
• Updates "As-built"
• The "clash detection"
• The anticipation in the installation of new piping, equipment or structures.
• Different brought into conformity
• Comparing the project to reality
• The colorized 3D virtual tour
• The creation of a comprehensive database facilities

The 3D surveying offers the opportunity to work on:

• The rehabilitation
• The wear control, strain, fatigue
• Color scanning and drawing (building, facades, etc.)
• Taking action classic
• Capture and millimeter mesh details (moldings, balconies, etc.)
• Heritage Preservation
• The textured virtual tour
• ...

The advantages of this method are:

• A detailed and comprehensive structure, regardless of the size or complexity
• A high-speed capture
• Reliable and accessible information to all stakeholders
• A 3D or 2D model, integrated into all business software

Finally many thanks to internet sharing solutions, you can plan and adjust all work in real time by means of annotations, comments, photos directly on a virtual model.



Industrial visit your site as if you were there in 3D.


Creative by nature, whether there is more than ten years, the first 3D animation of oil platforms to enhance the visuals, or there five years, the integration of point cloud leveraging new 3D screens we always sum at the forefront of new technologies allow us to solve problems, optimize processes, or develop potential markets.


A new step was taken in view of industrial projects, inspired by the architecture and supported by new graphics engine.

Today use the technologies of tomorrow.

The advanced 3D printing, the miniaturization of scanners, the development of mobile applications, and drones hover technology as we work technologies as they become tomorrow a valuable asset.

Present your project, from the conceptual level to the final state to share, sell, or communicate with your teams, clients, funders & investors.

Arting has several advantages in the realization of your visual projects.

• An industrial vision

With a consulting firm of engineers and technicians we are close to your business, we can quickly understand the technology in place and technical messages to be transmitted.

• A common workflow

We own and perfectly mastered the native software on which projects are completed. Modifications, export, filters, all the preparation is done by us on software like: PDMS / E3d, Smartplant, all products Autodesk, Dassault system, or Bentley's.

• A strong creative potential

Even within our structure, we have employees come from different backgrounds: video games, architecture, simulation. Managed by our artistic and technical teams supervised by our Director, these young talents make your project a real marketing support highlighting your expertise.



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Our strength is to be on the ground. With this rich experience, our employees have experienced a period of technical assistance, they are technicians first. An employee may change in mission, but also internally for projects to participate in training or education, or search for new talent.

Individualized employment with jointly defined objectives
This first exchange allows us to set a course in the medium term between three and five years, taking into account the course and the individual needs of present and future opportunities through our knowledge and experience in the sector for collaboration in the life personal and fulfilling. We also anticipate training or made linguistic level.

Monitoring the integration
From the very first day mission, we ensure the smooth integration of both the human level with stakeholders and technical level for the understanding of projects, software and processes by our staff.

Quarterly interviews
Quarterly points are key moments. They allow to know the overall situation of our employees on the progress of projects and teams, as well as customer returns.

Annual review of the status of the collaborator
The annual review is a crucial step in the management team because this is when we analyze separately the past year. This feedback into account the evidence of their work, and as informal behavior within teams, motivation, involvement. To develop a good understanding, develop training and integrating new projects ever richer humanly and technically.
In addition, customers & staff comments allow us to support some applications such as international assignments or changes of position.

Training is our right to our staff and an obligation of means to our client!

Because each course is different, we strive to ensure our employees with access to knowledge.

The Arting strength is to be an engineering foremost, we're able to train and guide our employees through internal training or through one of our partner for learning or technical development on software or on the job.

Our company carries out internal projects in France and abroad, and through technical assistance we are represented in the world. That is why all our employees take courses in languages including English, essential for communicating with all stakeholders.

Lets speak to be heard, but this is not enough to be understood and convey the best conditions for the goals and objectives. So we are to management to facilitate teamwork and ensure project success.

Exchange humanly
first interview

We take time to discuss the different aspects that shape the individual, course, experience, motivation. We build all your future goals.

Evaluate technically
second interview

Missions we offer have an average of 2 to 6 years. We offer opportunities consistent with your technical background. 25 years of experience in this field gives us a global vision far outweigh the commercial point of view.


Missions of long duration, a preserved motivation, and collaboration on good terms for professional development. Sized company, listening carefully to individual needs, to ensure the human, exchange between the various stakeholders in the best physical conditions.


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